Whenever you write a template - you should always do A/B testing! This is actually a true art and a very helpful tool.

It can make a huge difference for your outreach campaigns.

Click on A/B testing on the STEP button and lemlist will automatically duplicate your template and open the same one next to it. This way you can choose what to amend in your email and what looks better to you.

Play with it. Maybe try to change just a subject line. lemlist will put side by side both templates! Try putting a custom variable into subject line for example. Maybe try to remove the image in another email. Try to see what looks better to you or what you think might make a difference. You will be able to test every single step.

We will track how both versions are doing and you will have the option to see what works best with your clients.

Finally, whatever email performs better - keep that one 😊🥰

We prepared a video for you to assist with this:

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