When we talk about website screenshots, we want to mention you should have a column customized for each client separately with the URL of the screenshot you want to use. Although you can use domain in this case too, it's not the safest option because you can never know for sure if your prospect's domain is set properly.

Let's say you've added an image to your template and now it's time to edit and adjust it.

This is what you should see on the right side of the screen:

In the case below we have option to choose only from email domain (as I only added emails in my .CSV file) and set up where do you want it to be shown. If you have more columns - it will offer you to choose what column to pick up from:

The screenshot of your contacts url should be sent to them in the email, personalized individually.

Feel free to check our video on this


You can always check out our video to help you out with this:

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