In every email you send there should be a link where you offer your contacts to unsubscribe from your list. This basically tells them that you respect their decision to be included or not, and it also saves you some time to filter out potential clients.

Once you are in the email editor, you will see the 3 dots in the bottom bar, where our unsubscribe option is, as seen on the picture below:

Follow these steps:

Choose where do you want your unsubscribe link to be in the e-mail. Mostly, people choose bottom, before signature.

Write a text that you want to contain a link. Some put simply UNSUBSCRIBE, while others put something a bit more creative.

Let's say you decided to write a short sentence:

"In case you don't like my joke - click here and I will not send you emails anymore, but I still believe it's a good joke though 😔"

No matter what you choose, a simple unsubscribe or a sentence - you need to highlight a word or a phrase that will be linked.

In the case of simple unsubscribe - you select that word and click on the UNSUB button to turn those words into an unsubscribe link.

In case you choose the sentence I wrote above for example, I would mark the word HERE and click on UNSUB in order to transform the word HERE to UNSUB LINK.

Check out our tutorial on this also:

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