And here we are - a really important part of every sales process or marketing process - the follow-up email. Let's suppose you are halfway down creating your campaign and you are on MESSAGE step.

You probably already created the initial message and now have the option to create one or multiple follow-ups.

After you created the initial email, there will be an option to Add next step - click on it!

It is the same process as with the initial message. There will also be a small window to mark what delay time you want to use. If you choose for example 2 days, that means that minimum of 2 days can be between contact receiving initial email and contact receiving a follow up.

You can choose to have more follow ups and create a whole sequence of emails about to be sent. Our suggestion is to keep it simple - maybe one or two follow-up emails, simply not to be detected as spam by Google. 📬

Keep in mind that, when putting in delay, it is referred to the previous email in the sequence.

🤗Good luck with creating your first sequence ❤️

You can always check our video to help you out:

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