To be able to use zapier, please reach out to us directly on the chat with the secret sentence "I love lemlist & Zapier" and we'll send you a personal invitation.

Go to and click the button Make a Zap!.

Search for lemlist and select lemlist app.

Choose the New Activity trigger and click save.

If you didn't already connect your lemlist account, click on "Connect an Account" the fill with username and password you have in your integration section.

Choose from which campaign you want the contact who replies to be added to a list, then select emailsReplyed activity type.

Test the trigger then continue to the next step.

For the next step, choose lemlist as your Action App.

Select Create a lead and continue.

Select your lemlist connection

Fill the form with value from the triger

Test the trigger and save your zap. Your done 🚀
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