To setup your Zoho email with lemlist, you will need some informations.

Login and password

login: Enter your Zoho username or your complete Zoho Mail address
Password: Enter your Zoho account password.

If Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is enable you will have to replace your account password bby an Application-specific Password. Todo so follow those step.

Enable IMAP and SMTP

To enable IMAP Access for your email account:

Login to Zoho Mail
Go to Settings ​⚙️
Navigate to Mail Accounts >> Configure IMAP
Under IMAP section, check the IMAP Access box.
Configure Auto-Expunge and Folder View Settings.


server: the
port: 465
enable SSL: Yes


server: (or for personal
port: 993
enable SSL: Yes

You can find more information on Zoho Mail - IMAP and SMTP Configuration Details
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