You have two options for connecting lemlist to Pipedrive: Connect directly to Pipedrive using our native application, or automatically BCC Pipedrive each time you send an email.

Pipedrive integration

We developed a special native integration for Pipedrive that you can install from their marketplace or in the Integration menu in lemlist.

With this integration you can:

Send automated and highly personalized email campaigns to your sales prospects, business partners or existing customers

Setup workflows using triggers and actions. You can create persons, deals, and activities in Pipedrive based on prospect engagement - like email opens, clicks, and replies.

Achieve all this and more without leaving your Pipedrive CRM


You can automatically Bcc your Crm every time you send an email.

To find the Bcc address for your Pipedrive account, check out this support article from Pipedrive.

Once you know your Bcc address, go to your lemlist User Settings (top right menu). Then scroll down to Bcc section, as per the screenshot below. Add the Pipedrive bcc address:

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