You can track opens and clicks with your own custom tracking domain to improve deliverability.

lemlist tracks all clicks and opens using one of lemlist's shared domains. We monitor these domains and block abusers, but for better deliverability, you can use your own custom domain.

1. Create a sub-domain and set up a CNAME DNS record

In order for you to edit your domain's Dns (domain name service) records, you'll need some kind of administrator access. The process of editing DNS records is different from web host to web host, but the basic steps are this:

a) Create a new DNS record (example:
b) Choose CNAME as the type of record
c) In the value textbox, enter

Here are a few general links we found for specific web hosts:

Network Solutions

Google has this page that lists variety of providers (just remember to use instead of whatever they specify in their help pages).
Tip for Cloudflare: when setting up your CNAME record, set it to DNS proxy only (the default is set to http and DNS)

Here is an example of a CNAME in the DNS records, in this example

Name\Host: track
Value\Points to:
TTL: Auto

2. In the top right menu, click on Team Settings then go to the Custom Domain section

3. Enter your tracking domain in lemlist (Full Domain field) and click outside the text box to validate it

We'll do a check of your DNS records and see if everything looks good. If this doesn't work right away, please note that it can take up to 72 hours before these kinds of changes get distributed around the Internet.

4. Test your new domain
Copy paste your domain ( in our example) in a browser. If it displays lemlist, congrats, everything is fine. Otherwise, there's a problem in your configuration and tracking domain will not work.

We also recorded a video for you:

That's it! Future emails sent for your team will use this domain to track clicks and opens.
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