Images are a great way to increase your reply rate 📉

When you choose a template message, on the bottom of that message you will see a bar that contains button IMAGE TEMPLATES.

Once you select it, you will have several options to choose from. Pick the - Blank Image.

This will open options to choose BLANK IMAGE (in this case I am going for that, but you can also choose to edit one of our images and save it)!

Your blank space will open and you will see options on the left side when looking at your screen.

You can either UPLOAD a picture or use one from an URL.

After it is uploaded or maybe also adjusted, you can always choose SAVE AS TEMPLATE. It will ask you to NAME your template, so choose something nice.

Next time you can use it right away without uploading again.

Also, there is an option to directly insert an image in the email editor from the bottom bar, as on the picture below:

We made you a quick video to show you how to create an image template:

Feel free to reach out to us on the chat if you have any question ❤️
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