Spf and Dkim records are little bits of information you set up with whomever you bought your domain from (Gandy, for instance). These are part of your Dns settings and help email services trust your sending as legitimate.

So, do I need to set up Spf & Dkim records?

For Gmail

No, actually!

lemlist doesn't actually send emails itself. Instead it simply tells Gmail to send your emails. This means that it'll use gmail.com domain and Google already configured Spf and Dkim records for gmail.com domain.

For Google Suite


You should make sure your Dns records are updated to include the proper Spf and Dkim records for Google.

For other providers


However, these settings won't be specific to lemlist. They'll just be part of setting up your email domain.

Check with your email provider as they will have specific help articles to walk you through this set up process.
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