Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, but DropContact is the tool I like the most, because of the following:

First, I really like their drag-and-drop interface that's super easy to use. For comparison purposes, FullContact and Clearbit ask you to use their API for such service.

Just drop your excel file or .CSV directly on there, and they'll email you the enriched file.

Another reason why I prefer DropContact is the fact they also verify an email address they give you. In other words, they protect you from damaging your domain reputation with a high bounce rate.

For example, Hunter does not verify email addresses by default. When I tested it on 300 contacts, this resulted in a 25% bounce rate. 😱😑

As I mentioned above, getting a high bounce rate is one of the main reasons behind your domain getting blacklisted or worse, having your account blocked.

If you don't quite understand what I'm saying right now, please make sure toΒ watch my video about email deliverability .


-Automatically enrich data based on first, last, and company names
-It's very affordable
-It saves you time compared to the manual methodology


-Takes time to input the data manually, but it's also a great way to add extra personalization
-The email find rate is never 100%... expect results between 40% and 70% depending on your target
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