Ready to create your first (of many) campaign?
In this article, you'll find all the steps needed to create a great campaign. But if you are more of a visual person, let Ena show you around 😇

Simply follow the steps:
Click on "create a new campaign"
Pick a great name for this new campaign
Select how you want to add your future Buddies 🤗

Here, you can find more info about import section 😊
Import a CSV file
Import manually emails
Import from existing campaign🔗
Import from Pipedrive 🚰
Import from Salesforce

Add the messages

You have two options:
Choose from one of our email templates
Create your own email and save it as a template.

Choose the delay period between each messages.

It's the minimum of days between the first email and the follow up.
I.e. if you enter 3 in the box, as shown in the picture below, the system will wait 3 days before sending emails to reviewed buddies.

To know more about follow up emails and sequences, click here.

Make sure to always add an unsubscribe link to your messages! This way if your buddy doesn't want to receive follow up emails, they can unsubscribe and you avoid to be marked as spam. 💌

Set up a schedule

Add an email address to be used as sender 📩

bbbbSet up a trigger to stop sending emails.
bbbbSet options to create an opportunity

Review your buddies

(What is the review stage for? 🧐)

Launch your campaign 🚀

Good luck with your campaigns and enjoy the experience ❤️

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