A user can link only one sender email address.

If you want to send email from different domain or if you have a team:

1) You have to be sure that you have enough seats for all your users.
Go in the billing page and look at the plan you have. If you don't have enough seats, you can increase the number of seat in this page (you'll be billed since the price is per user).

2) Go to the Settings and choose Team and then invite the user.
If the user already has an account on lemlist, he'll be automatically added to your team. If not, he'll receive an invitation email.

3) The new user has to set his email provider.

4) Voila!

Since lemlist is collaborative, each user can see and control all campaigns and buddies. So you can control everything from one user.

You can now edit a campaign and set the sender to the new user.

Check out this short video as well:

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