It often happens that clients are on a free trial, but then someone from their company decides to go for a plan, create a team, invites them and now they belong to 2 teams - the free trial their own team and the new paid one.

Step 1. You can control what team you want to belong to, by clicking on your name at the left bottom of your dashboard where you will see your first and last name.

Step 2. If you click there, you will have the option to LOG OUT if you belong only to one team.

Step 3. If you belong to 2 teams, you will have the option to switch to another team. Switch to the one you want to leave.

Step 4. Once you enter it, go to Settings - TEAM and you will see an option LEAVE A TEAM next to your name.

Step 5. Select it and enjoy the paid experience.

Of course, you can use the same option to leave any team, even if you belong to just one of them.

You can also check this process here:

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