Presenting you the hottest feature ever: lemwarm 😍

How does it work with the warm up? πŸ”₯

lemwarm saves your cold emails from spam and gives you a full performances report πŸ™Œ

Because you’re part of the lemlist family πŸ’–, we'll send emails to other lemlisters using your account with some uniquely generated content (each message and subject is unique and generated via our smart content algorithm). Since other people, who are sending emails, also have their account connected to lemlist, we'll create conversations by replying to those messages with more unique content (exactly as if you were doing it manually). This way, your deliverability is maximized! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

This feature is only available on paid plans, which can send up to 40 warm-up emails per day. You set all the parameters at your convenience and we do the rest - making sure we get you out of the spam box or give you updates about the status.

Email account information

Email address: lemwarm is only available for your primary email address, not for aliases
Email account created: from there, we'll calculate how old is your email address πŸ‘Ά

Choose how warm you want your email account to be β˜€οΈ

Number of warm-up email per day after ramp-up: 40 being the limit of total emails that can be reached per day, choose a number that seems acceptable for you.

Ramp-up increment value per day: with this option, you'll send warm-up emails gradually over the days. I.e. if you set 1, the first day 1 email will be sent; the second day, 2 emails will be sent, and so on.

Remember that 40 emails is the limit! We'll send emails gradually up to the number you've chosen per day but once the limit is reached, the incrementation will stop. From this point, the max. number of emails will be send per day.

Global Report

Total lemwarm email sent: emails & replies sent to other lemlister
Total lemwarm email saved from spam & categories: from the moment lemwarm has been started until today

Detailed Report

Select the time frame by clicking on Last 7 days and get a detailed report.

lemwarm email sent in the last 7 days: emails & replies sent to other lemlister
lemwarm email saved from spam & categories in the last 7 days: number of emails that we saved during the chosen period

Where are your cold emails landing?

The graph bellow provides a full overview of where your emails are landing: inbox, categories, spam and the number of days left to reach the limit per day after ramp-up

Where are your replies landing?

This second graph provides a full overview of where your replies are landing in other lemlisters email box: inbox, categories, spam and the number of days left to reach the limit per day after ramp-up

Warning: if you notice that warming has stopped automatically because of a bounced email, it means that lemlister A sent an email to lemlister B, but lemlister B bounced the email so we disabled lemlister B to prevent harming other lemlister.

Check if you have set up a custom tracking domain. If you haven't, read the article to know the process
Check the health of your domain with your host
Start your lemwarm again & chill ✨

Emails that are sent via lemwarm are not included in your lemlist daily limit πŸ’ͺ


If you want to hide lemwarm emails from your inbox, check this article.

Want even more? Check this extensive post from Guillaume, our CEO πŸ₯³
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