STEP 1 - Once in Pipedrive, you will see your name at the top of the page.

STEP 2 - If we click on the menu next to it - it will open a menu with an option to ADD NEW FILTER.

STEP 3 - You will need to choose a name of the filter and the condition, for example OUTBOUND.

Every next time when you add a person to Pipedrive, it will ask you to fill in the campaign field - now you can put in OUTBOUND.

Since your Pipedrive is connected to lemlist, when you start a new campaign, you will be able to select to IMPORT emails from Pipedrive, but also to SELECT WHAT EMAILS TO PULL.

All of your filters will appear, so in this case the filter OUTBOUND would be on the list.

Pipedrive video 1
Pipedrive video 2
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