Liquid includes many logical and comparison operators.

For example:
{% if gender == "male" %}

Hello mister,

{% endif %}

With a Buddy-to-Be that have custom variable position
{% if position == "founder" %}
As founder, you have to lear to delegate.
{% endif %}

You can use multiple operators in a tag:
{% if type == "freelance" or type == "smb" %} We know it's not easy as a small company {% endif %}

Spin syntax

With spin syntax, you will be able to get multiple variations of a sentence that will be picked up when the email is sent.
{% spin %}
{% variation %}
I really want to talk with you.
{% variation %}
I think we should meet.
{% variation %}
What if we take a coffee.
{% variation %}
I really like your shoes.
{% endspin %}

For each email lemlist will send, it'll pick on of those variation. You can see the result in the Preview panel, each time you open it, the sentence in the preview will change.

Get the day of sending

To get the day of sending you have to use the filter "date" with the format "%A". You can find other format here

Don't forget to replace {{ }} with {# #} as double curly bracket is already used in lemlist for custom variable syntax.

{# "now" | date: "%A" #}
If you want to use other format you can take a look to the strftime page.

If you want to display the date in another language than English, you can use a "case" like this:

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