Hi lemlister....

Seems your CSV takes ages to upload 🧐

OK, so what can you do before you come to us on chat and ask for help:

Are you using Safari? If yes - switch to Chrome or another browser.

Is your browser up to date?

Are you sure you have email addresses in your CSV, because we will not do anything without them - emails are lemlist IDs

Once you upload CSV - do you match the fields we give you as options to the ones you have? If not - please do - we will not import it otherwise.

Be 100% sure this is a pure CSV file. Go to your folder where this file is and check the properties of the file. If it is Excel CSV - we will not import it - please revert it, because seems that your system automatically equals it with Excel.

If you "pass" on all of these - come to us on chat and tell us we messed something up, so we can fix it asap.
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