In order to adjust each email to each user, we use review stage to make every person you're reaching out to feel unique. 🥳

When you go to the review stage you will see green buttons to review 1 or 10 or 100 or all buddies 😊

This way you can one more layer of personalization for maximum results.

Note: The review stage is not for editing. It is basically for you to give us a green light to launch a campaign. You can only slightly edit the first step. All others cannot be changed. You can change messages in the message section and you can change details on Buddies-to-Be in Buddies-to-Be section - edit them.

We recorded a video to help you out on this matter: ❤️

In case you review a buddy that you don't want to contact - here is how to un-review a buddy 😊
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