First we need to integrate / connect to SF 😌

Go to Settings → integrations and click on "Connect to Salseforce account" button:

Popup will open to enter Username and Password (if not logged on SF on different browser tab)

After authorization of the salesforce, we can connect to it without additional login prompt.

Working with SF is easy, you are just selecting your leads with creation of LeadViews and adding filters to it to find right selection of leads. All list views that are created in salesforce...

... and will be showed inside lemlist as filter names when creating campaign with salesforce way to add Buddies to be.

After selecting filter (lead view) and click on next leads/buddies-to-be will be populated from salesforce and it will be the same set of leads with the same properties as showed in your particular lead view in your salesforce instance (you can add/remove fields in lead view as necessary).

The rest of the usage of lemlist is the same.

All activities from the lead are stored immediately as events inside corresponding lead in your salesforce:

NOTE : Please note that same filter for different SF users can produce different set of leads; (e.g. if first user creates filter that uses "My leads" and share it like that - other users will receive completely different leads set, filtered by his/her "My leads" filter...

Also users we need to be careful with different types of sharing their leadviews ( to be accessible for others).

Please note: Essentials edition doesn't support API access, so it likely won't work.
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