Set it up

You can connect almost any email address up to lemlist by adding an Smtp & Imap mail account. To get started, on the side menu, select Settings, scroll to the Email Provider section and click on Connect a SMTP / IMAP account.

Give lemlist what email address you will be sending from. Whichever email address you enter must be allowed by your email provider, otherwise you may have errors during sending or your emails may wind up in spam.

To tell lemlist how to connect to your email provider, look for the "SMTP" host and port information as laid out by your email provider.

Similarly, look for the "IMAP" host and port information that is listed by your email provider to tell lemlist how to check your inbox for replies. This is a crucial step so that lemlist knows when how to stop your follow-up sequences, record replies, create opportunities, and allow you to reply back to emails from within lemlist. Usually the "username/password" is the same as in your SMTP settings.

Test & Save

After you have filled all the field, click on test button to see if lemlist can connect to your email provider.

Don't forget to click on Test & Save blue button to save your parameters.


Why the Test & Save button stay grey?

You have to fill both form SMTP and IMAP. If the button stay grey it's because you didn't fill every fields of the form.
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