A bounced email is any email message rejected by a recipient's mail server and returned to the original sender.

✅Custom Tracking Domain - make sure you set it up - how to set up a custom tracing domain

✅Check your deliverability - Email deliverability checklist

✅Typical cold email mistakes to avoid at all costs - Checklist

✅Email validation - Bouncer

✅Check health of your domain - contact your provide's support and host's support for the info. You can check your domain's health status - there are many online tools to check (ex. mxtoolbox) and forward them the report and they will give you instructions how to se it up properly, so this doesn't effect your deliverability. Here is the article were we explained - Domain Reputation and Domain Authentication

✅New Domain - you are using a new domain therefore the chances are much higher to have bounced email, that's why we created lemwarm

✅SPF and DKIM records - Do I need to set up Spf & Dkim records?

✅Email subject title - try to have unique subject name, avoid subjects ...(example COVID19)

✅ Sending a high volume of emails - are recommendation is to send up to 250 emails per day for a health and warmed up domain

These all are reasons why are you ending up in spam or bounced.

What to do so Google doesn't block you? 🧐

What to do if you get blacklisted? 🤔
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