Ensuring that your emails are received can be a challenge. lemlist takes spam seriously and works to block abusers as part of our effort to maintain high deliverability.
Steps you can take in lemlist to improve deliverability:

Adjust your Schedule to space out your sends and limit how many emails you send each day
If you have a tech wizard on deck, create a custom tracking domain for your team
Disable open tracking when sending very short messages

By using lemlist, you are responsible for sending authentic emails and following all pertinent spam laws. If our monitoring system flags your account's sending history, we will send you a warning via email. If our monitoring system flags your team a second time, lemlist will automatically block you.

If this happens, you'll need to request unblocking by sending an email to support@lemlist.com so that we can discuss your case.

General advice: 😇

The internet is flushed with thoughts on this topic, but here are some suggestions on our end:

Avoid sending emails from a @gmail.com address. You'll have better deliverability with a properly setup G Suite account

If you're using G Suite, make sure your DNS records are updated to include the proper SPF and DKIM records for Google

lemlist doesn't actually send emails itself, instead it simply tells Google to send your emails. This means that your SPF and DKIM records for Google will work with lemlist sends

If your Google account is relatively new, ramp up your sending volume slowly over several weeks before sending out larger quantities of emails

Avoid sending via G Suite accounts that are still in their free trial phase

When sending very short emails, disable open tracking in lemlist. Emails that are light on text but contain images (open tracking adds a small, invisible image) are penalized by spam filters

Avoid spammy-sounding content

Avoid including multiple images

Include your physical address in your email

Include a note in your email footer that says something like: To stop receiving emails from me, just reply with the word "unsubscribe." Alternatively you can add an unsubscribe link to your signature

Keep your email content clean and simple with minimal formatting

Make sure your recipients' lists were properly collected

When you get a bounce notice of a spam filter catching one of your emails, see if they offer ways to communicate with them to find out exactly what went wrong (sometimes there's a link in the bounce message for more information)
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