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Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Here are the steps to insert highly personalized images and boost your campaigns 🚀

➡️ Go to your campaign.

➡️ Click on « Add custom image » on the toolbar by clicking on the arrow.

➡️ Choose your template.

➡️ You can either UPLOAD a picture or choose any template. If you create from the beginning, you are able to add elements from the start, if you choose an existing template, once you select to use it, click on the image and click on "Edit image" which will lead you to the next option - to Add element.

➡️ Click on « ADD ELEMENT »

➡️ Add any element you want to personalize your email.

Insert your lead's website screenshot into your image with no extra effort

Show your prospect you're a big fan of his company or show him that you've already thought of improvements for his website:

➡️ Click Add Element

➡️ Press Website, and lemlist will automatically pull out the website screenshot of your lead from his email domain

💡 If you want to insert your prospect's LinkedIn profile screenshot, use the lemlist extension to manually capture the profile of your prospects.

Enjoy ❤️

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