Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

Here are the steps to insert highly personalized images and boost your campaigns 🚀

➡️ Go to your campaign.

➡️ Click on « Image templates » on the toolbar.

➡️ Choose your template.

➡️ You can either UPLOAD a picture or pull it from an URL.

➡️ Click on « ADD ELEMENT »

➡️ Add any element you want to personalize your email.

Insert your lead's website screenshot into your image with no extra effort

Show your prospect you're a big fan of his company or show him that you've already thought of improvements for his website:

➡️ Click Add Element

➡️ Press Website, and lemlist will automatically pull out the website screenshot of your lead from his email domain

💡 If you want to insert your prospect's LinkedIn profile screenshot, use the lemlist extension to manually capture the profile of your prospects.

Want more? Anaëlle shows you 3 powerful examples of custom image 😊

Enjoy ❤️

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