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Add a landing page to your text 🆎

➡️ Once you have your email written and you've decided where the link to the page will be, highlight a word or a sentence you'd like to link.

➡️ Once you have selected it - leave it marked and select PAGES at the bottom bar of your email.

➡️ You will have the option to pick one of the saved templates or create a new one - please take a look at the part on Create new page.

Or you can ⬇️

Add a landing page to a - custom - image 📸

➡️ Add an image, even better if you add a custom image, and click on it.

➡️ You'll see two button at the top, press "Add page"

Or also ⬇️

Add a landing page when inserting a video 🎥

➡️ Click on "Insert video" on your bar menu

➡️ A window will pop up, copy/paste the link of the video you want to add. And you'll arrive on the landing page menu.

Hope it helped! 😊

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Of course, we added a video tutorial for this one:

Enjoy ❤️

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