🤗 🎉 Welcome new lemlister! We're so thrilled to see you join our family ❤️

And also, congratulations as you're about to create your very 1st campaign 🥳

You'll crush it for sure 🔥

But, as we know... Using a new tool has never been a piece of cake 🍰 (too bad...).

So we decided to go through it with you, step by step.

1️⃣ Set-up your account

⚡️Link lemlist to your email provider.

⚡️Set-up your signature ✍️

⚡️Set up lemwarm so you'll never go to the spam folder.

⚡️Define your sending limit, meaning the maximum emails lemlist will send in 24h per email address.

⚡️Proceed with your CRM integration and other API - How? Check this out 😉

⚡️Set up your custom tracking domain so you'll get top-notch deliverability 👌

⚡️Enter your payment details to enjoy our amazing features.

2️⃣ Prepare your campaign

⚡️Define your personas, please lemlister do not neglect this step! 🙏🏽

⚡️Create your list of prospects, that we call "Buddies-to-be" 🤙

3️⃣ Create your campaign

⚡️Create a campaign and give it a lovely name 😌

⚡️Import your Buddies-to-Be.

There are different ways to do so, as it depends on where your list comes from. Check out these articles to pick the right way for you.

⚡️Choose an existing template or create one from scratch ✨

⚡️Personalize your sequence as much as you can:

✍️ Personalize your copywriting

🎨 Dynamic images & videos

🤹‍♀️ Tips and tricks

⚡️Use A/B testing to optimize your results:

A/B test a step 🌗

A/B test an entire sequence 🌝🌚

⚡️Add an unsubscribe link to your emails.

⚡️Set-up a schedule, or several ones.

⚡️Select the email address you want your campaign to be sent with.

e.g. enter your client's email address if you want to use his

⚡️Choose when do you want the sequence to stop for your Buddies + when they should be turned into opportunities.

4️⃣ Launch your campaign

⚡️Review your Buddies-to-Be, manually or automatically, to launch the sequence.

5️⃣ Run your campaign

⚡️Once your campaign is launched do not amend it 🙅 It could mess with your tracking 😰

⚡️When your campaign is running, do not add any step to your sequence otherwise it could also mess with your tracking + some of your Buddies could receive the same email twice 😣

⚡️ Don't forget to mark a Buddy as interested when he positively replies to your email. That way it'll show in your metrics and you'll have a complete overview of your campaign.

⚡️ Check out your metrics to see how your campaign's going 🚀

⚡️When an opportunity is created, complete it with your personal notes and your next steps. Here is everything you need to know to master your opportunities.

⚡️If a Buddy wants to be removed from your list, send it to the Graveyard 🧟‍♀️

⚡️Once your campaign is done, export your metrics in 1 click ✨

6️⃣ Opportunities

⚡️Keep using the "Opportunity" section to manage your Buddies from lemlist.

7️⃣ A question?

⚡️Use the search bar of the Help Center to find your answer 💡

⚡️If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the lemlist chat ❤️

⚡️Or, if you're more like a visual learner, we recorded tons of videos for you 🎥

Follow G throughout the first steps of creating a campaign.

✨ Check out the tuto videos that our sweet Ena recorded for you to handle every situation 😎

✨ Or, go discover all the secrets and hidden gems of the platform with The most exclusive lemlist walkthrough ever 🔥 Mastering #lemlist Webinar 🚀

🌈 Now it's time for you to blow our mind with your amazing campaigns! ☄️

❤️ Good luck ❤️

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