Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

If you've subscribed to a Silver, Gold, or Platinium plan, the following should be of interest to you, in order to set up your billing parameters.

🧑 STEP 1: Enter my billing details


➡️ Go to the « Details » section.

Here you can enter:

👉 Your name and the name of your company.

👉 Your address.

👉 Your VAT number.

👉 If you have a coupon, you can enter it in this section.

➡️ Click on « Save Billing Details ».

💳 STEP 2: Enter my card number


➡️ Go to the « Card Number » section.

➡️ Enter your details.

➡️ Click on « Save Card Details ».

🗺 STEP 3: Choose my plan

➡️ Go to the « Plan » section.

➡️ Check both Monthly and Yearly

➡️ Click on the plan you want to choose and add the number of seats you need, the price will automatically updates.

👉 This article details all pricing details if you need. 🤓

🧾 Where do I find my invoices?

👉 You can access all your details in the invoice section.

👉 You also have the possibility to download those invoices.

⏩ How do I manage my billing section?

You can always modify your info during your lemlist journey, following the same procedure.

👉 If you want to delete your card, this article is here for you!

And there you go lemlister 👌 Don't hesitate to reach out to us on the chat if you need more details.

Enjoy ❤️

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