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Thanks to the brand-new Reports section, you can now choose the way you want to calculate your stats!

Where can I find my metrics calculations by default?

This is super easy to find out, just go over the stat with your mouse and get the formula 😊

How can I change the formulas of my stats?

At any time, you can choose the way you want to calculate your metrics from your Settings, Reports tab.

How does it work?

The stat name on the left-hand side is the final statistic you want to calculate and the "reference" on the right is the statistic that you have chosen to divide this stat.

For example: If you want to calculate your open rate according to emails sent, you will have to:

1️⃣ go to "Email opened" on the left-hand side and then,

2️⃣ select "Email sent" in the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.

e.g. on the screenshot it's "Email opened = Email opened / Email sent"

⚠️ Warning

Check your campaign's set-up in the Options tab of your Editor section to make sure you didn't disable "opens" or "clicks" tracking.

Otherwise, you won't be able to use formulas, including these specific stats.

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Enjoy ❀️

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