Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

You might be wondering about the mighty Sales Engagement Plan and what this new version entails. Well, I'm here to explain a few things 😉

What features do I get access to?

✔️ Multichannel sequences (emails, calls, LinkedIn, custom tasks), to better connect with your prospects and increase your chances of replies!

⚠️ Once you got your Sales Engagement plan make sure to watch the demo video to get a full onboarding and nail your future campaigns 🔥

✔️ Dynamic landing pages
✔️ Video integration
✔️ Calendar & chat
✔️ Text personalization
✔️ Personalized images

✔️ A/B testing

✔️ Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot
✔️ Aircall integration

✔️ Other integrations + API

✔️ Invite teammates
✔️ Priority customer support


The Sale Engagement plan is currently priced at:
- $99 per user per month on our monthly plan

- $83 per user per month for our yearly plan ( billed annually)

How do I get the most of the multichannel feature?

Enjoy ❤️

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