Imagine one of the following situations:

  • You want to activate lemwarm for all your teammates in your account

  • Your goal is to set sending limits for every person in your team

Previously, you had to log in and out of multiple user accounts to do this.

This was a huge pain if you're an agency having multiple clients to deal with or if you're a member of a big sales team.

It's a pain no more.

Say hello to our newest update that will give you full control of all user settings.

What are the settings you can edit for your teammates?

✅ Enable or pause lemwarm, as well as their lemwarm strategy

✅ Set their global sending limits

✅ Edit their email signature

✅ Refresh their email aliases

What are the settings you won't be able to edit for your teammates?

❌ Connect or disconnect their email provider

Keep in mind that only Admins in lemlist can change settings from other users. To learn more about Roles in lemlist, check this article.

How to manage all user settings

Log in to your lemlist account and go to Settings.

The first thing you'll notice is the list of your teammates on the left (1). In the top menu, you can navigate to the settings you want to edit (2).

Please have in mind that they need to connect their email provider first to be able to edit their settings. This is something they need to do on their own.

You're also able to update the following settings:

👉 User - remove your teammate, change their password or update their custom tracking domain.

👉 Email Provider - you can see which email address is connected as the sender on their account and refresh aliases if needed. You cannot disconnect nor connect their email provider.

👉 Limits - set up sending limits for their accounts.

👉 Email Signature - add appropriate signatures for their outreach campaigns.

👉 lemwarm - put the right lemwarm strategy in place.

That's it for now lemlisters!

In case you're wondering where to find customer support to enable this for you? 🤔

Have fun 🌟

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