We have four cool updates for you for this week.

1. New Campaign Creator for smoother sequence creation

The process of creating an outreach campaign should easy as cake. No matter if you're starting a simple cold email campaign and importing leads through a CSV file, or if you're going for a multichannel sequence and wanna transfer leads from your CRM.

To simplify things, lemlist is releasing the Campaign Creator. In a nutshell, this will help you finish the technical setup of your campaign faster (e.g. how you import leads or your schedule) and come to the best part sooner (e.g. writing your cold email).

Campaign Creator will be officially launched for everyone on Monday, September 6th. But, if you want to see it before, you can go to Settings > Labs to activate it now.

  • Available to: users on Email Outreach and Sales Engagement plans

2. Mark lead as interested in Zapier and connect all your sales tools quickly

In a busy sales world, it's critical to qualify leads efficiently, pass the right information through your between all your tools, and stop leaks from happening. Since "marking leads as interested" in lemlist is the best way to separate positive replies from negative, we've added a Zapier hook that will help you do this automatically.

One of the interesting use cases would be to connect your Calendly so that whenever a lead books a meeting with you, lemlist automatically marks this lead as interested. This information can then be passed to Pipedrive, HubSpot, or any other CRM that you use.

There are also more opportunities to leverage this update. You could connect your lead gen landing page or Typeform so whenever a lead completes a form on your website, they are automatically marked as interested too. For those of you who are feeling more experimental, you're able to set more complex workflows through API calls too.

  • Available to: users on Email Outreach and Sales Engagement plans

3. Edit LinkedIn steps and add last-minute changes in the review stage

Before starting to send a campaign, lemlist gives you an opportunity to have one final look at the emails before they go out in the Review stage. If, by any chance, you decide to make some last-minute changes for a specific prospect, you can now edit LinkedIn steps.

An example use case can be that you wanted to add some extra personalization in the direct message that you will send them at some point in your campaign.

  • Available to: users on Email Outreach and Sales Engagement plans

4. Sync lemlist notes with your CRM

Imagine a scenario where you're having a cold call with your prospect and you're in the Tasks section in lemlist. You manage to book a meeting in a week and have written down some important notes that will come in handy to prepare for that meeting.

Thanks to the Full Funnel integration in lemlist, anything you jot down in lemlist Notes will be automatically transferred to your CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot, or Salesforce).

  • Available to: users on Email Outreach and Sales Engagement plans

That's all for this update. :)

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