When running an agency, there's one challenge you'll face at some point.

Choosing the right outreach tool to get the job done, but also to be able to onboard all your clients and team members with ease.

What does it mean for you?

✅ Manage your agency and all your clients from one simple dashboard

✅ Allow report-only access to your clients

✅ Manage users & teams without logging in and out from multiple accounts

How to set up your agency account in lemlist

To start with the set up, you'll have to reach out to our support team so we assign your request to one of our Agency set up experts.

You'll have to provide them with at least 2 email addresses:

  • one for each client accounts you already have.

  • another one for your Supervisor account.

💡 The Supervisor will be the user that will be able to manage all of your different clients accounts from one single convenient spot. You can make an already existing user a Supervisor.

Then, let me to introduce you to roles, one of the features of the Agency mode:

It's important to differentiate the Supervisor from the roles.

🪄 Supervisor is the guy that can rule all the teams he's present in basically and he cannot be anything but and admin, which is a role.

Then we have the notion of roles for each user inside a team which goes like this:

  • Admin = can access everything in each accounts he's a part of and gets exclusive access to the cockpit menu.

  • Member = can access everything except the entire billing section nor manage other users, nor change roles.

    ⚠️ Please keep in mind that members cannot access the cockpit.

  • Extern = cannot do anything except access the report of his own team account, but only if he was allowed password-less login when invited.

To know more about how to set up roles, you can check here.

To learn more about how to handle externs, it's over there.

☝️Now, you have to keep in mind that 1 team account = 1 client

This will keep the list of leads, campaigns and invoices separated for each clients account.

And then, there is the perfect place to keep an eye on all of those clients for your Supervisor:

It's called the Cockpit.

A simple dashboard where you can see all your teams, plans, and the number of users. You can also add new teams and invite users to teams.

It's magical and here's how it looks:

To access it, just click on the menu button in the upper left and select Cockpit. As you can see, you have all the info:

  • Plan - what plan are they on

  • Seats - how many seats/users does a team have

  • Invoices - these are separated between teams

  • Price - price, obviously :D

  • Info button - once clicked, team settings and billing will open, like this

But wait, there's more! Hah, I feel like a salesperson from a TV Shop.

On a more serious note, you can access the team setup by clicking on Teams on the left.

All the settings you require are there:

  • List of users - all the people on the team

  • Roles - chose between Admin, Member, and Extern

  • Custom tracking domain - measure clicks and opens the right way

  • LinkedIn & Integrations - what platforms have users connected

How do you invite new users? And how do you give your clients limited access to reports only?

First, you need to update the number of seats. Every new user needs a seat as the rule is 1 seat = 1 user. (except for the Supervisor which is free of charge, he does nto need a paid seat)

To do this, go to Cockpit > Billing and simply update the number of seats you want.

Once you get it done, stay in Cockpit, just go to the left sidebar menu and open Teams.

Click on Add a user (1). Select User in the toggle (2) and send them the invitation. Afterward, they need to create their user account, connect their email provider and Linkedin account in case you chose the Sales Engagement Plan.

If you want to give them the Admin role, just tick the box in the bottom right corner.

If you don't tick it their role will be member, pretty easy.

If you want to invite your client as an extern, you'll have to proceed like this:

Add a user (1). Select Extern in the toggle (2) and send them the invitation.

Important: If you want Clients to have the ability to log in to lemlist and get access to reports only, make sure to tick the Allow passwordless login box.

Otherwise, Clients will just be able to connect their email provider (and Linkedin account) so you can send campaigns on their behalf, but won't be able to log in to lemlist at all. It's up to you to decide what's the best setup for your agency.

How to switch teams without logging in and out all the time?

With the team setup, you can have multiple clients under one account. Meaning, in your account you can have any number of clients and easily switch between each.

No need to log in and out to make it happen.

Just remember one final golden rule:

Inside a client's team, it's not your Supervisor that is going to send campaigns.

It's your client.

So from your cockpit - team, you always want to make sure that you're disabling seat access for the Supervisor to leave it for your client.

Enabling seat access = grant one of the seat you're paying for to one user (one that will send campaigns).

To learn more about seat affectation, you can check here.

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