When running an agency, there's one challenge you'll face at some point. Choosing the right outreach tool to get the job done, but also to be able to onboard all your clients and team members with ease.

After working together with agencies that are using lemlist, we're thrilled to announce a BIG update.

What does it mean for you?

✅ Manage your agency and all your clients from one simple dashboard

✅ Allow report-only access to your clients

✅ Manage users & teams without logging in and out from multiple accounts

How to set up your agency account in lemlist

Typically, an agency has people with different tasks in their lemlist account:

  • Agency Admin - has access to everything

  • Agency Manager - sending campaigns for clients and doing reporting, but not able to access billing details and high-level stuff

  • Client - can access reports, but can't access anything else + you are able to use their email address to send campaigns on their behalf

Let me show you how to set this up in lemlist. First, imagine you have two clients: Notion and Stripe. Your next move is to organize your team that will be sending campaigns for each of them.

The golden rule is simple. Add the right users to the right team, because:

1 team = 1 client

Some users, like Admins or Managers, can be on multiple teams. Meaning, the important people within your agency can join every single team if they desire to do so.

And there is a perfect place to organize everything in lemlist.

It's called the Cockpit.

A simple dashboard where you can see all your teams, plans, and the number of users. You can also add new teams and invite users to teams.

It's magical and here's how it looks:

To access it, just click on the menu button in the upper left and select Cockpit. As you can see, you have all the info:

  • Plan - what plan are they on

  • Seats - how many seats/users does a team have

  • Invoices - these are separated between teams

  • Price - price, obviously :D

  • Info button - once clicked, team settings and billing will open, like this

But wait, there's more! Hah, I feel like a salesperson from a TV Shop.

On a more serious note, you can access the team setup by clicking on Teams on the left.

All the settings you require are there:

  • List of users - all the people on the team

  • Roles - chose between Admin, Member, and Extern

  • Custom tracking domain - measure clicks and opens the right way

  • LinkedIn & Integrations - what platforms have users connected

How do you invite new users? And how do you give your clients limited access to reports only?

First, you need to update the number of seats. Every new user needs a seat as the rule is 1 seat = 1 user.

To do this, go to Cockpit > Billing and simply update the number of seats you want.

Once you get it done, stay in Cockpit, just go to the left sidebar menu and open Teams.

Click on Add a user (1). Select User in the toggle (2) and send them the invitation. Afterward, they need to connect their email provider and that's it.

Up to you if you want to give them the Admin status. If yes, just tick the box in the bottom right corner.

The next thing on your to-do list is to invite your Client and give them report-only access.

As in the previous step, first you need to update the number of seats.

Then, to invite Clients, simply click on Add a user (1). Select Extern in the toggle (2) and send them the invitation.

Important: If you want Clients to have the ability to log in to lemlist and get access to reports only, make sure to tick the Allow passwordless login box.

Otherwise, Clients will just be able to connect their email provider so you can send campaigns for them, but won't be able to log in to lemlist at all. It's up to you to decide what's the best setup for your agency.

How to switch teams without logging in and out all the time?

With the team setup, you can have multiple clients under one account. Meaning, in your account you can have any number of clients and easily switch between each.

No need to log in and out to make it happen.

Just remember the golden rule.

1 client = 1 team

This way, once you give report-only access to one client (e.g. Notion), they can access reports from Notion only.

On the other side, your Agency Manager can be a member of multiple teams, if you want. You just have to invite them to any team you want.

That's it!

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