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Tokens Explained: How to Use Them for Smart Enrichment
Tokens Explained: How to Use Them for Smart Enrichment

Curious about tokens and their role in Smart enrichment? Look no further. This article provides a clear explanation of what tokens are.

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The Smart enrichment feature operates on a pay-as-you-go model using Tokens.

You purchase tokens based on your needs, and each token represents a single enrichment request for contact data.

Actions will cost a given amount of Tokens:

  • Generation of an AI Sequence, 50 Tokens.

  • Generation of an AI Icebreaker, 10 Tokens.

  • Full enrichment of a lead, 10 Tokens per lead.

  • Debounce of an email, 1 Token per lead.

How it works:

Smart enrichment actions, such as full enrichment or debounce (in our case), are associated with a specific token cost. Each action you perform will consume a certain number of tokens from your account:

  • For a Full enrichment, 10 Tokens per lead.

  • For a Debounce only, 1 Token per lead.

As per their plan, teams will receive a certain amount of free tokens that can be used each month. These free tokens are renewed with the subscription renewal, providing ongoing access to the allotted amount for Smart enrichment actions.

Free trial - 100 free tokens, one time only.

Email Outreach - 250 free tokens per month per seat.

Sales Engagement - 500 free tokens per month per seat.

If a team uses all of ther their free tokens, they will have the option to use additional tokens, which will incur separate charges.

They will be billed:

  • At the end of each billing month, including for yearly subscriptions.

  • Once they reach the defined threshold of $50 (which is subject to change to align with the team's plan).

Each additional token spent costs 0,01$.

Teams can set an Additional token limit in their "Team settings" to prevent excessive usage of extra tokens. This provides a way for teams to manage and control their token usage effectively.

Free and additional tokens informations will be displayed in the new "Billing section".

Free tokens: X “ = the amount of free tokens I spent.

Additional tokens: X (X$)“ = the amount of additional tokens I spent.

1️⃣ Here you can see the available (remaining) and spent free tokens for the month.

2️⃣ You have the flexibility to define the additional token limit, which determines the number of extra tokens your team can use, along with the potential additional cost associated with exceeding this limit.

3️⃣ Here you can see the available (remaining according to your limit) and spent additional Tokens for the month.

4️⃣ The history shows you a breakdown of all tokens you spent.

Smart enrichment actions spend Tokens on search, not on success.

Each time you enrich a lead with the Smart enrichment tokens will be used. (Either 10 or 1 depending on the type of enrichment)

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Important to note:

  • Token Rollover: Please note that unused credits do not carry over to the following month. It's important to utilize all your credits within the current month.

  • Free Tokens are at a Team Level: Free Tokens are allocated at the team level. For example, if you have two teams, Team A in EO with two seats and Team B in SE with five seats, Team A can spend 500 Free Tokens each month, while Team B can spend 2500 Free Tokens each month.

  • Additional Tokens: By default, all teams have their Additional Tokens set to 0, which means they cannot spend any Additional Tokens unless an admin modifies the limit. Only admins have the authority to change this limit.

  • While on the Free trial, you cannot purchase additional tokens.

  • Monthly Refill: We refill Free Tokens on a monthly basis, even for yearly subscriptions. This means that each month, teams with yearly subscriptions will receive new Free Tokens according to their plan and number of seats. Likewise, teams with monthly subscriptions will also receive new Free Tokens each month based on their plan and seats.

  • Billing for Paid Tokens: It's worth mentioning once again that we bill for Paid Tokens on a monthly basis, even for yearly subscriptions.

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