Tokens for lemlist's AI Feature

Learn effective token usage for lemlist's AI feature. Elevate your outreach with optimized AI capabilities.

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Hey lemlister!

Our new addition to lemlist is tokens, they are going to be used for our new AI features.

➡️ How it works:

Some actions will cost a given amount of Tokens :

  • Generation of an AI Sequence, 50 Tokens

  • Generation of an AI Icebreaker, 10 Tokens

According to your plan, teams will have access to a given amount of Free Tokens to spend :

Free trial

100 Free Tokens, one time only


250 Free Tokens per month per seat


500 Free Tokens per month per seat

If your team runs out of Free Tokens, you will be able to spend Additional Tokens that will be billed :

  • At the end of their “billing month” (even for Yearly subscriptions)

  • Every time you reach the defined threshold : 50$

Each spent Additional Token costs 0,01$

Each team will be able to define an Additional Token limit in the team settings, to avoid over-use of Additional tokens.

Free and Additionnal Tokens informations are displayed in the new Billing section

Free tokens : X “ = the amount of Free Tokens I spent

Additional tokens : X (X$)“ = the amount of Additional tokens I spent.

1️⃣ Here you can see the Available (remaining) and Spent Free Tokens for the month.

2️⃣ You can set the Additional Tokens limit. It’s to say the number of Additional Tokens you allow your team to use + the amount it could extra-cost you.

3️⃣ Here you can see the Available (remaining according to your limit) and Spent Additional Tokens for the month.

4️⃣ The History shows you a breakdown of all Tokens you spent.

Important information:

  • No Token Rollover: Unused credits from your monthly plan will not carry over, excluding additional credits, which are charged based on consumption.

  • Free Tokens are allocated at the team level. For instance, if you have 2 teams—Team A in Standard with 2 seats and Team B in Pro with 5 seats—Team A can use 500 Free Tokens monthly, while Team B can use 2500 Free Tokens.

  • All teams will have their Additional Tokens set to 0 by default, meaning they cannot spend Additional Tokens unless an admin adjusts the limit. Admins have exclusive authority over this limit.

  • We replenish Free Tokens monthly, even for yearly subscriptions. This ensures that each month, teams, whether on a yearly or monthly plan, can use new Free Tokens in accordance with their Plan and Seats.

  • A brief reminder: Monthly billing for Paid tokens applies, even for yearly subscriptions.

Article for the AI Sequence Generator.
Article for the AI Icebreaker Generator.

Please reach out to our live support if you have any questions!

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