Slack Notification Integration

What it is, its use & how to set it up!

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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

Do you want to automate workflows? Have you ever wondered if you could receive updates on tasks outside the lemlist app?

Well, here is an interesting integration for you: receive new task notifications directly into Slack!

What does it consist of?

  • Get automatic Slack notifications for new tasks or follow-ups on existing tasks

The tasks concerned by that workflow are the tasks created after a lead's activity.

Hence the tasks that you can decide to create in each campaign's setting.

The Task Steps are not concerned by that workflow.

It means that you'll have to check the task creation option desired on the campaign setting for the hook to work and it can only work in the case of an email replies, Linkedin message replies and clicks.

  • It has a simple format. For example: New opportunity with <email> on <campaign name>

  • You can choose how the message will appear (message, username, label, etc.)

If you have multiple accounts on a team setting, worry not! You will receive all notifications in the same channel. This includes messages from different campaigns.

Where can you find it in the app?

➡️ Settings - Integrations

➡️ Scroll down to 'Slack' and start the (very short) process to set it up.

What are the different steps?

1️⃣ First, create a Slack Webhook by clicking first on "Create a Slack webhook" in the app as seen above. Then click on "Sign in to install" just like 👇

2️⃣ You will get redirected to a "Sign in" to Slack page. Choose the option that best suits you!

3️⃣ You will be asked to enter a unique 6-digit code that you will have received in your inbox. Be wary of the time you take as the code expires quickly!

4️⃣ After this, you will be given the possibility to choose either your team workspace or create a new one:

5️⃣ You will then be redirected back to the 'Incoming Webhooks' Slack page to add the webhook to Slack:

6️⃣ You will have the option to choose the channel your Incoming Webhook will post messages to, this can be a number of different types of channels:

7️⃣ You will receive a notification on the channel you have chosen with the following message:

8️⃣ If you press on that "incoming-webhook" tag you will land on the Slack App Directory page with all the information pertaining to your webhook. This means that you can see your URL as well as different setup instructions.

💡 lemlister tip

Because we love highlighting personalization features, here are the Settings for your Slack Notification Integration 😉

You can customize the username that this integration will post as, the icon that will feature next to the messages you will receive from this integration as well as preview what a message would you look like.

Feel like you want to go one step further? Here is an article directly from Slack on "How to create more advanced workflows using webhooks". 💪

If you want to try another method for Slack notifications, here is another article we have written on the subject. This method uses Zapier. Hope it helps!

Still have some questions? Ping our lovely chat team! 🤗

Enjoy ❤️

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