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Heeey lemlister!
We have done some research on the email providers and would like to share some tips with you.

The information is based on our user's experience plus the helpful analysis from our developers.


Email Providers with Best Deliverability and Reputation:
1. Google: High deliverability rates and robust spam filters.
2. Microsoft 365: Good deliverability and integrated with other Microsoft tools.
3. Zoho Mail: Known for business email solutions and privacy features.
4. ProtonMail: Prioritizes security and privacy, offering end-to-end encryption.
5. Fastmail: Respected for its privacy and usability.



Email Providers with Noted Deliverability Issues or Lower Reputation:
1. AOL and Yahoo! Mail: Both have faced challenges in deliverability over the years.
2. GMX and Occasional deliverability issues.
3. Some lesser-known, free email services might face issues, especially if their domains get flagged for spam, which u can expect doing email outreach.


Web Hosting Providers with Best Reputation:
1. SiteGround: High performance and excellent customer support.
2. Bluehost: Reliable uptime and great for WordPress hosting.
3. WP Engine: Specifically for WordPress and offers great performance.
4. InMotion Hosting: Good uptime and features.
5. Kinsta: Managed WordPress hosting with a solid reputation.


Hosting Providers with Lower Reputation or Noted Issues:
1. GoDaddy (this came as a surprise to us): Some users have reported uptime and customer service issues.
2. HostGator: Past concerns with speed and uptime, although they've made improvements.
3. Namecheap: a lot of users avoiding it in a huge circle.
4. Some small, super-cheap hosting companies may sacrifice quality for price.Hope it helped!

⛔️ Finally, please note that you cannot use the following SMTP providers with lemlist:

  • Sengrid

  • Mailgun

  • Sendinblue

  • Mailjet

  • O2switch

  • AmazonSES

  • Postmark

  • Cloudmark

  • Hostgator

Please reach out to us via live chat support if you have any additional questions!

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