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Top Partners: lemlist Partnerships for Agencies, Consultants, and Content Creators
Top Partners: lemlist Partnerships for Agencies, Consultants, and Content Creators

Here's everything you need to know about becoming a top partner with lemlist.

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lemlist, a leading platform for personalized cold emails, is offering an exciting partnership opportunity for outbound agencies, consultants, and content creators. This program is designed to foster collaboration, enhance visibility, and drive mutual success.


To qualify as a top partner with lemlist, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an outbound agency or consultant: You should specialize in outbound sales, marketing, or related consultancy services.

  • At least 5 active teams on Lemlist: Your agency should have a minimum of five teams actively using Lemlist's services.

  • Good online presence: Ideally, you should have a significant following on LinkedIn or other professional networks.

  • Record of good results on outbound: Demonstrate a successful track record in outbound sales or marketing campaigns.


As a top partner, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits designed to boost your agency’s capabilities and market presence:

Co-branded Content

Gain visibility and authority with 6 pieces of co-branded content. This includes Cold Email Templates, AMAs in the community, Cold Email Teardowns, and Success Stories.

Marketplace Listing

Get listed on Outbound Experts, where you'll receive exposure, discovery meetings booked, and leads information.

Leads from Lemlist

Direct connections to lemlist users who have requested assistance, helping you generate new business opportunities.

Direct Contact

Enjoy an exclusive Slack Channel with the sales team, a project manager, and a partner manager.

Beta Features

Early access to new features, allows you to test and leverage the latest tools ahead of the market.

Discount + Affiliation

Receive a 5% discount for your end clients and a revenue share ranging from 8-12% for your agency. This includes:

  • 8% for monthly subscriptions

  • 10% for yearly subscriptions

  • 12% for quarterly subscriptions

**Done for You Model:** If your agency offers a fully managed service, exclusive discounts can be negotiated up to 15%.

Application Process

Interested in becoming a top partner? Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Apply Online: Visit Lemlist Partners and submit your application.

  2. Approval and Onboarding: Once approved, the new partner will receive:

    • An onboarding kit

    • A discount code

    • Slack access

Transform Your Business - Partner with lemlist

Joining the lemlist partner community not only provides access to cutting-edge tools and resources but also connects you with a network of like-minded professionals. This partnership is more than just a business arrangement; it's a gateway to growth, innovation, and collaboration. By becoming a lemlist partner, you position your agency at the forefront of the outbound marketing industry, ready to take on new challenges and opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your agency's performance and reputation. Apply now and start your journey with lemlist today!

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