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Opening the freemium model

What can lemlist freemium and free trial users expect

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As you already know, testing out lemlist features is completely free with our 14 day free trial option!

You can experience the features of the Multichannel Expert plan with some free trial limitations. 😍

What are the freemium users then?

According to the reverse trial method, the free trial period starts upon the user's registration on lemlist. If there is no conversion to the paid plan, the freemium option will be available at the end of the trial.

Sounds cool, right?

But what can I do as a freemium user?

Now let's see what features are available to our freemium users!

Freemium Access to Essential Tools

Freemium users on lemlist enjoy access to a variety of powerful tools designed to enhance their email outreach capabilities. Key among these features is the ability to reveal someone’s email with a single click directly from LinkedIn, all at no cost, utilizing 125 credits per week! 🤩

These credits, which include both freemium and free trial allocations, accumulate and can roll over from week to week, up to a maximum of 500 credits!

I told you it is super cool!

Functionalities Available to Freemium Users:

  1. Comprehensive App Navigation: Freemium users can explore all areas of the lemlist app, including campaigns, reports, leads, settings, and tasks. This allows them to familiarize themselves with lemlist's capabilities and prepare their outreach strategies effectively.

  2. Lead Management and Enrichment: Using freemium credits, users can push and enrich leads within lemlist. This feature empowers users to maintain a structured approach to lead management and ensure that their outreach efforts are targeted and effective.

  3. Purchase Additional Credits: For users needing extra resources beyond their allocated credits, lemlist offers the flexibility to purchase additional credits. This ensures that users can scale their outreach efforts in line with business needs without disruption.

  4. Limited Use of Leads database: Freemium users can utilize our Leads database to access data from the first page, similar to the current version of the free trial. This restriction is in place to prevent misuse and ensure compliance with LinkedIn's policies regarding data scraping.

Limitations for Freemium Users:

Despite these robust capabilities, there are certain limitations that freemium users must adhere to:

  • Inability to Launch Campaigns: Freemium users are unable to launch full-scale email campaigns directly from the lemlist platform. This functionality is reserved for paying subscribers who benefit from higher credit allocations and enhanced campaign management tools. 🙌

📏 Rules Governing Free Trials and Freemium Access:

lemlist operates on a structured approach to free trials and freemium access, ensuring fair and transparent usage policies:

  • New lemlist Sign-ups: Every new user signing up for lemlist starts with a free trial, allowing them to experience the platform's full capabilities.

  • Transition to Freemium: Users who complete their free trial period without converting to a paid plan automatically transition to the freemium tier. This allows them to continue utilizing basic features with limited credits.

  • Former Users: Former paying subscribers who cancel their plans revert to the freemium tier, retaining access to essential tools with reduced credit allocations.

  • lemcal/lemwarm Sign-ups: Users signing up for lemcal or lemwarm services start with freemium access until they activate a free trial through lemlist, aligning their service tiers seamlessly.

We hope you will love the new ability to explore lemlist's features before deciding on the right plan for your needs!

For any additional questions, our support team is at your disposal! 🌸

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