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Manually launch my leads ✋

A step-by-step guide to manually launching your leads!

Updated over a week ago

Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

First, make sure you understand when and how you can launch your leads with our short article "What is the review stage for".

Now, how to manually launch your leads?

➡️ Go to your campaign.

➡️ Go to the "Launch" section.

There you will be able to see lead's email status (deliverable, risky, undeliverable or unknown), if a lead doesn't have information for a custom variable or if the lead has been personalized.

If a lead doesn't have an email address available, you can also use the email finder to enrich your lead. 😍

➡️ Now let's check which leads we want to launch. We can select them all at once or we can apply different filters and launch leads one by one or in groups.

➡️ Once we select the leads we want, we can simply choose to launch them - to start the campaign for them.

If some information is still missing for some leads, we can also select them and click on 3 dots if we want to skip (they will stay in the campaign but the campaign won't start for them) or delete them.

After we chose to launch the campaign for the leads we will see the final confirmation note:

Once the leads are ready to start the campaign, we will be able to see them in the "In progress" tab

What lead status means “In progress” tab:

  • Ready to send - the lead is reviewed and it's waiting to receive the first step

  • In progress - lead has received at least one step

  • Completed - lead has ended the campaign

  • Paused - lead is not running at the moment

Enjoy ❤️

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