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First, make sure you understand when and how you can review your leads with our short article "What is the review stage for".

Now, how to manually review your leads?

➡ī¸ Go to your campaign.

➡ī¸ Go to the "Review" section.

➡ī¸ Choose the number of leads you would like to review amongst the 4 blue buttons above the search bar!

lemlister tip 💡

Did you know you could test a smart review button for this step instead of the 4 separate buttons? It looks like this 😉

If you are interested you can set the toggle to "enable" this feature in your Settings - Labs - "Smart review button".

You got it my lemlister! 👍 You may also want to check out this article: How to un-review a lead ↩ī¸.

We also recorded a video to help you out. 😇

Enjoy ❤ī¸

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