Add custom variables to your email 🧩
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Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

Let's cut it to the chase: you're totally ready to muscle up your copywriting skills and you await proper insights to do so.

Well, my dear... Fasten your seatbelt, here we go!

How can custom variables improve my copywriting?

It's super simple: Thanks to your custom variables, you'll be able to optimize your cold emails' personalization. And hence, get a higher reply rate. πŸš€

By default, you see that lemlist recognizes the basic custom variables such as First Name, Last Name & Company Name.

The predefined lemlist custom variables are:

  • #{{email}}

  • #{{firstName}}

  • #{{lastName}}

  • #{{picture}}

  • #{{phone}}

  • #{{linkedinUrl}}

  • #{{companyName}}

  • #{{icebreaker}}

  • #{{}}

However, it is possible to add as many variables as you like. 😊

πŸ’‘ Please note that the content of your custom variable cannot exceed 2000 characters

How do I add custom variables?


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