Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

As you surely know you can add as many variables as you want in the app 😉

But here is a surprise for you, did you know you could also add a personalized picture for each of your leads by using a variable?

Variable images are key for ultimate personalization and hence for a higher reply rate! 🚀

How can I do this? 🧐

1️⃣ Select the pictures you want your leads to receive (image 1 for Louise, Image 2 for John, etc.)

2️⃣ Make sure your images are hosted online, so you can copy the URLs (it needs to end with ".jpeg")

3️⃣ Paste your URLs in a dedicated column of your CSV file. e.g. {{Pictures}}, which matches each lead in your list

4️⃣ Go to "Editor" in the app to write your mind-blowing email

  • Click "Insert an image" in the bottom-right corner of your menu

  • Select the variable you have just created in your CSV e.g. {{Pictures}}

And that's it!

lemlist will automagically insert the right image for the right prospect, so you can send highly-targeted emails in auto-pilot mode (🙌 yeah)!

Thought we would only give you one way to send custom images? Think again! 😉

Did you know you could also use a Google Drive URL as a "picture" custom variable?

Host images on a Google Drive 🤗

You want to use a different image depending on your lead? No problem 😏

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieve your goal:

  • Create a Google Drive folder and choose it to be visible by anyone on the internet.

  • Then upload all the images you want inside this folder.

What we need is the URL of each image. To get them, select the wanted image, click on share then on “Copy link”.

⚠️ However

➡️ Google Drive will provide a URL that looks like this:


➡️ You will have to take only the image ID, 1R6Jve5H1V16TZ0aGn9XXyjt14s1zZerz, and add https://drive.google.com/uc?id= at the beginning.

➡️ The final link should look like this:


Great, now we want each of our leads to have their own dedicated image. Let’s have a look at our CSV file (the rule also applies to your CSM filter):

➡️ Simply create a column named “Picture” and copy and paste the wanted images URL in here.

➡️ In the app, import your CSV file in your campaign, pair your column with the correct custom variable and let’s jump straight to editing.

➡️ In a blank email I will use the tool box at the bottom and click in this exact order:

When you switch to review mode you will be able to see that magic happens with your custom variables!

And voilà!

🚨 Pro tips 🚨

  • Make sure you've copy pasted the URL of the actual image and not from the website!

  • Your image is not pulling in review mode? Sometimes it is a problem of cache. Edit the template where the image variable is located, make a small modification (add and remove space in a text, resize an image to put it back as before ...) then save the template. This will force the regeneration of the image and clear the cache.

Feel like you need more guidance? No worries, our lovely Brianna will explain everything in the following video:

Well done lemlister, you're all ready! Don't hesitate to contact us in the chat for any questions 🤗

Enjoy ❤️

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