Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

As you probably know, images are a great way to increase your reply rate πŸš€

Creating templates enable you to save a lot of time πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Here are the different steps to create an image template!

➑️ Go to your email.

➑️ Add an image. To do so you can either:

πŸ‘‰ Click on Β« Image templates Β»

πŸ‘‰ Click on Β« Insert image Β»

➑️ Add any element you want in your image.

➑️ Click on « SAVE AS TEMPLATE ».

➑️ Write the Name of your template, choose something nice to stimulate your creativity while using it πŸ₯³

✨ Next time you can use it right away without uploading again.

🚨 Pro tips 🚨

When you import a template in a step, it creates a copy of this template. So, if you apply modifications to the original template, the changes won't pull into your step because your step contains the copy of the original and not a direct link. πŸ˜‰

The variable button in the image editor should only be used for image import.

For everything that is text ( firstName for example ), you have to use the text button.

If an image variable is not displayed in review: edit the template where the image variable is located, make a small modification (add and remove space in a text, resize an image to put it back as before...) then save the template. This will force the regeneration of the image and clean the cache.

We keep the ratio of the images, so if the image does not have the same ratio or shape as the frame defined on the template, it will overflow. You need to adapt your images to the final rendering that you wish.

Also, make sure to check the color format of image: β€œProPhoto RGB” is not supported, so switch to sRGB.

I'm sure your templates will be AWESOME my lemlister, feel free to reach out to us on the chat if you have any question πŸ€“

Enjoy ❀️

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