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What are Rollbacks?

When you want to delete previously imported CSV files.

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Heeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

What is a rollback value?

It is defined as the process of returning to a previously defined state but here at lemlist we use it in the case of wanting to remove a previously imported CSV file!

Why would it be interesting for you?

You can manually delete imported leads just like in this article, but this method is more time-efficient, as long as you know who are the associated leads of your CSV file!

Use case example - when you have imported a first CSV, then decided to import a second CSV a few days later, you can decide to delete that second import thanks to rollback. πŸ˜‰

Where can you find it in the app?

Follow me!

➑️ Go to the "Leads" section of your campaign, there, you will be able to see the Import history

➑️ By clicking on the trash can icon, you can delete it

Warning ⚠︎

When you choose to roll back a specific CSV all the leads in this file will be automatically deleted from your campaign. Even if your campaign is running the leads will be deleted, as a consequence, you accept that you will not have access to any metrics concerning those leads!

πŸ’‘ lemlister tip

Be careful, we will not be able to retrieve the CSV file if you have deleted it on the app. Always have a backup on your computer 😁

Enjoy ❀️

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