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How to use the Unsubscribes section? ⚰️
How to use the Unsubscribes section? ⚰️

Unsubscribe all emails and domains you don't want to contact anymore

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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

The Unsubscribes section is the place where are gathered all emails and domains whom you never want to send campaigns ever again 🙅

They are:

▪️ People who asked to be removed from your list and that you manually send to this section

▪️ People who clicked on the Unsubscribe link you may have inserted in your emails. Once they click, they automatically go to this section.

▪️Bounced emails that are also automatically sent to this section.

😳 How to manually unsubscribe an email address or domain?

1️⃣ Go to the Unsubscribes section

2️⃣ Add a single address or domain per line and press the Unsubscribe button

If the message below shows, it worked well.

How to bring a lead back to your list?

➡️ Select the email addresses and/or domains you want to remove from the Unsubscribes section and press the big red button "Remove 1 selected items."

How to export the data to get the list of unsubscribed people?

➡️ Click on the top right button "Export" and you will have a list of all unsubscribed leads in a CSV file.

Enjoy ❤️

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