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The Unsubscribes section is the place where are gathered all emails and domains whom you never want to send campaigns ever again 🙅

They are:

▪️ People who asked to be removed from your list and that you manually send to this section

▪️ People who clicked on the Unsubscribe link you may have inserted in your emails. Once they click, they automatically go to this section.

▪️Bounced emails that are also automatically sent to this section.

😳 How to manually unsubscribe an email address or domain?

1️⃣ Go to the Unsubscribes section

2️⃣ Add a single address or domain per line and press the Unsubscribe button

If the message below shows, it worked well.

How to bring a lead back to your list?

➡️ Select the email addresses and/or domains you want to remove from the Unsubscribes section and press the big red button in the top right corner.

How to export the data to get the list of unsubscribed people?

➡️ Click on the top right button "Export" and you will have a list of all unsubscribed leads in CSV file.

And if you're more a video type of person, Anaëlle made one for you 😊

Enjoy ❤️

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