Why Aren't My Emails Sending? πŸ“€

If your emails are not sent make sure you properly set up your schedule

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There are many causes why you may not be able to send your emails.

But rest assured, there's no need to worry. We've simplified the solutions for the three most common "issues."

Curious about what to do when the platform shows a message like "1 email every 540 minutes"? Let's unravel the solution.

What to do:

Is your schedule well set up?

We will automatically pick the sending schedules that matches your own timezone.

If you'd like to modify this, you can do so by adjusting your sending schedules in your campaign settings. It's a simple fix!

➑️ Go to your campaign settings by clicking on Settings.

➑️ Then click on Schedules section:

➑️ Find the schedule you want and click on the 3 dots next to it.

➑️ Click on "Modify this schedule" and adapt it to your needs.

Have you reached your daily global sending limit?

When you set up your schedule, you get to enter the time between each of your emails to be sent. Then, below this field, you'll get an estimation of the number of emails that will be sent per day with your schedule.

For this estimation to be right, make sure this doesn't exceed your daily limit.

Check and adapt your daily limit in the Settings - Limits:

Have your leads been reviewed?

If your leads have not been reviewed, the campaigns will not start.

You can review leads manually or automatically.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our lovely support.


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