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How Many Emails Can I Send Daily? ๐Ÿงฎ

How many emails you should send per day to maximize your results while protecting your domain

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Hey lemlister! ๐Ÿ‘‹

We understand that managing your email sending limits is crucial for the success of your campaigns. Allow us to guide you through the optimal setup for both Gmail/Google Suite and custom SMTP accounts.

What to do for Gmail and Google Suite?

You'll find resources about theoretical limits here and here.

However, as a Lemlist user, we recommend setting a daily email quota below 100 for a more reliable performance.

On Lemlist's paid plans, you have the flexibility to determine your daily email limit by navigating to the "Limits" section in your account settings. Simply access the "Account Settings" section, choose "Limits," and set your preferred maximum number of emails sent by Lemlist in 24 hours.

Here is how to find "Limits" - "Settings"

Please note that all changes made on the limits are automatically saved, hence always double check them. If you are uncertain - below you can see our recommendations.

When you are done with setting up those limits you just need to hit "Save changes"

Please be mindful that while Lemlist provides this configuration freedom, Google imposes its own algorithm for deciding when to block emails. Clients may experience varying quota limits, and if detected, Lemlist will automatically pause sending temporarily, resuming later.

Exercise caution and refrain from solely depending on our detection system to protect yourself from surpassing your email quota. It's imperative to note the following:

  • We typically receive notifications after you've exceeded your quota, making it essential for users to be proactive in monitoring their email sending volumes.

  • There are instances where our detection may not act swiftly enough to halt emails that are already queued up, emphasizing the need for users to set and adhere to their predetermined limits.

Additionally, if you're utilizing an alias to send emails, it's crucial to consider that while Google limits apply, there may be additional constraints imposed by the service managing your alias. A comprehensive understanding of both Google's limits and those of your alias service is essential to ensure a seamless and compliant email sending experience.

What to do for custom SMTP accounts?

For users employing custom SMTP accounts, adherence to your email provider's recommendations is crucial to determine the daily email sending limit. As a general guideline, we suggest mirroring the approach used for Google by setting a limit of around 100 emails per user per day.

What to do for those who would want to send more emails:

You have to understand that our sending algorithm is extremely complex and depends on many factors: Bounce rate, Variable and Dynamic Open Rate, Domain Age, Technical Setup, Custom Tracking Domain etc.

Our commitment is to provide users with the best results in the market. We strongly discourage sending too many emails at once, as it can harm your domain in the long run. Cold emailing is a strategic, long-term game, and Lemlist is designed to safeguard our users' success.

If your main focus is a number to be reached, then unfortunately lemlist wonโ€™t be the tool youโ€™re looking for. We will always prefer to protect our users from getting their account banned instead of allowing them to take too many unconsidered risks.

What is the best strategy to maximise my sending volume?

Sending from more email addresses!

And good news is, you can use our Inbox Rotation feature for this ๐ŸŽ‰

Inbox rotation is designed to empower agencies and larger teams who need to send large amounts of cold emails over short periods of time.

It will allow you to conduct campaigns through multiple sending accounts simultaneously.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support!

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