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Understanding Lead Statuses: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding Lead Statuses: A Comprehensive Guide
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Heey lemlisters!

This informative article aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the various statuses available for leads in the leads section.

By familiarising yourself with these statuses, you can effectively manage and track the progress of your leads, enhancing your overall business communication and optimising your campaigns.

Read on to explore each status in detail and gain valuable insights into their implications.

  • Enriching

    The "Enriching" status indicates that the lead is currently undergoing enrichment. This enrichment process involves leveraging platforms like LinkedIn or Dropcontact to enhance the lead's information.

    Please refer to the following article for more information: Enrich your contact list directly from lemlist: The LinkedIn & Dropcontact scans

  • To Review

    The "To Review" status signifies that the lead is ready for evaluation. Once reviewed, the lead will progress to the campaign stage and begin traversing the subsequent steps.

    To gain a deeper understanding of the review stage, we suggest consulting the article: What is the review stage for

  • Skipped

    The "Skipped" status is assigned to leads that have been deliberately excluded from the campaign. If you decide not to include a lead in your campaign during the review process, they will be marked as "Skipped."

    For further insights, please refer to the article: Skip a lead

  • Paused

    When a lead is marked as "Paused," it indicates that either you manually paused their progress or your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has temporarily halted their advancement.

    To learn more about pausing leads, we recommend reading the article: Pause a lead

  • Running

    The "Running" status denotes that the lead has successfully completed the review process and has entered the campaign. However, they have not yet reached the first step of the campaign.

  • Sent

    The "Sent" status signifies that the lead has received at least one step of the campaign. This step could be an email, manual action, or a LinkedIn interaction.

  • Opened

    The "Opened" status indicates that the lead has opened at least one email step within your campaign.

  • Clicked

    The "Clicked" status implies that the lead has clicked on at least one email step within your campaign. This status may also indicate that the lead has accepted your invitation if you are running a multi-channel sequence that includes a LinkedIn invitation step.

  • Replied

    The "Replied" status indicates that the lead has responded to either your email or LinkedIn message step.

  • Bounced

    The "Bounced" status suggests that the email sent to the lead has bounced. You can find the specific reason for the bounce in the lead's activity information.

    For a more detailed understanding of email bounces and tips on prevention, we suggest reading the article: What is email bounce, and how do I prevent myself from it?

  • Failed

    The "Failed" status indicates that the email or LinkedIn step was not successfully sent or completed by lemlist. This could be due to the lead not having a valid email address or not being in your LinkedIn connections.

  • Ended

    The "Ended" status signifies the completion of the campaign for a specific lead. This can occur when the lead has successfully completed all the steps, when they have been marked as interested/not interested, or if they have experienced a bounce or failure and subsequently marked as ended.

  • Interested

    The "Interested" status represents leads that have been marked as interested by you. This status is an indication of potential opportunities.

    For more information on marking a lead as interested, please consult the article: Mark a lead as interested

  • Not interested

    The "Not Interested" status indicates leads that have been marked as not interested

  • Unsubscribe

    The "Unsubscribe" status represents that the lead has been marked as unsubscribed. This can be due to a manual action done by you, or an automatic unsubscribe done by the client, API, or due to the lead bouncing.

    For more information on the unsubscribe section in lemlist, we suggest the article:
    How to use the Unsubscribes section?

Please note that each lead will have the status based on their last activity.

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